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Book one in the Seventeen Series.

YA science fiction set in the harsh Australian Outback. When a virus spreads leaving no adults and no rules. Who will survive?

Winner of the New Apple 

E-Book Award

YA Horror and Science Fiction.                             

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Book two in the Seventeen Series.

When the virus mutates the adventure in the Australian outback continues. 


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Pirates, treasure and adventure!


Bronze Medal Winner Readers' Favorite Literary Awards Miami.


Book Excellence Awards

Pre-teen literature.

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Available on Google Play and Apple iBooks 


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The exciting second book in the award winning Pirate Princess Series.

When a fierce storm pushes the pirate ship Annie's Revenge into the path of three mystical Sirens, Lotty must use all her courage and skill to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.  

An exciting story full of action, discovery and a shipload of pirates! 

Available on Amazon

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Take your Kids to Tokyo. Ideas and tips for a fun family holiday.


A travel guide for parents, grandparents and carers who want to take their children to Japan. Tips and helpful ideas on where to eat, what to see and free things to do with your children.

 Available soon!

Tokyo for Otaku.

A guide book for gamers, manga, anime, fashion and car enthusiasts!

Find out the best places to buy merchandise, Japanese theme cafes and interesting places to see.

Available soon!

"If you want to survive, you're going to have to learn to be ruthless..." Braydon Thomas.

"Karma will be a bigger bitch than I will ever need to be." Lexi Valentine.

"No adults, no rules, no protection. Could you survive...?"

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