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Book 2 in the YA Seventeen Series


Revenge. It was all he could think about.

His body ached for it, burned for it like a relentless fire waiting to be quenched. It was all he wanted.”



With the KV17 virus now in its mutated form and the older children infected, they face an uncertain future.

As they attempt to find a cure, an old enemy unexpectedly returns, creating tension and turmoil throughout Jasper’s Bay.

When hostilities increase, Lexi must face her fears and suppress the rage building inside her. Will the virus take hold? How can you defeat an enemy when it is part of who you are?     



The exciting and compelling YA series set in the harsh Australian outback.

Reviews for Rage


5 star review byK.C. Finn for Readers Favorite

The Seventeen series kicks into a whole new overdrive as the action-packed sequel Rage takes to the stage. Whilst I enjoyed book one very much for its innovative take on an age-related apocalypse and the Australian outback cultural setting, this second volume amps up the YA action, sci-fi and even horror elements to create a truly compelling and exciting read from start to end. Lexi’s inner character development is well narrated to combat the struggles she feels, whilst the physical sensations that the infected go through are beautifully and terrifyingly penned to make readers themselves feel the rage building. Visceral, harsh and powerful in its descriptive qualities, the story will have readers’ hearts in their mouths at many moments. Overall, Rage is a superb step-up for author Suzanne Lowe as her series comes into its own.


5 stars by Samantha Gregory for Readers Favorite

I do like the idea of teenagers having to navigate the world, where there are no adults and no one to help them. It is an interesting scenario, particularly when you think how dependent teenagers are on technology. It is nice to read something not set in America for once. I would recommend it to dystopian fans.

5 stars by Grant Leishman for Readers Favorite

Rage: Seventeen Series Book 2 by Suzanne Lowe takes us into a dystopian environment in Western Australia where the world is now populated by children. I found the premise fascinating and this is what drew me into the story. Could a group of children form a cogent society once all the adults had disappeared? I found the story to be well written and the flow and tempo to be totally appropriate to the setting. I particularly enjoyed the clear emotional connection between Braydon and Lexi and wanted very much to see where this would lead.  The author clearly knows her environment and this shows through in her work. As a New Zealander, the Aussie slang was second nature to me but even for others it just adds authenticity to the work rather than distracting from it. Lowe did an excellent job of filling in the backstory, so this can be read as a stand-alone book. The ending did nicely set up book three and I look forward to reading it.

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