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New Apple Award winner in scifi/horror ebook awards 2018


Seventeen is YA post apocalyptic adventure story set in outback  Western Australia. The world is decimated by a man-made virus that kills everyone above the age of seventeen, leaving the children left behind having to face a world completely different from the one they grew up in.  No television, no internet, no adults and no rules! When two sisters, Lexi and Hadley escape the ever increasing violence in Perth they soon find that the quiet little town of Jaspers Bay, a place they were hoping to seek refuge may not be safe at all. Can they trust the towns people and their new friends? Can they survive?


Could you survive in world without the internet? Without fresh food and without rules? 


"A fantastic tale of survival and adaptation, this book was engaging until the end!" Nadene Amazon customer    

Seventeen. Book 1 Seventeen Series.

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